The Heffner plumbing catch and release program

Never a dull moment at Heffner Plumbing. It’s Saturday morning and I had just gotten done working out at the gym when my wife called. She wasn’t frantic, but she told me that there’s a mouse in the house and our youngest daughter has it trapped in a bowl in the kitchen. My wife hates mice, so I got home as fast as I could.

We had a similar scenario several years ago with a mouse in the house and it had run into the kitchen pantry. Getting it cornered, I was trying to figure out a way of catching it and finally came up with the idea of using my shop vac. I got my shop vac from the work van and sucked that little guy up! The mistake I made last time was that I released it right outside the patio on the back of the house and I got an earful for doing that. Today, I went to a fence at the end of our yard and tossed the mouse out there.

Time for soccer games, graduation parties and a 5K run this afternoon. Have a great weekend folks!

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