There’s a reason why I tell people not to buy plumbing fixtures at home improvement centers

For years, the name Kohler has been equated with quality and expensive products. I’m not sure when this happened, but Kohler sells their product line to home improvement centers. From what I understand of Kohler and other plumbing manufacturer’s as well, they have a “cheaper” line for the home improvement centers with more plastic parts as compared to what you would buy from a plumbing supply house. I witnessed this first hand today when I was working on two Kohler toilets that the customer had bought at a home improvement center and the bolts that hold the toilet down to the floor were made of plastic. REALLY?!!! I always use solid brass closet bolts whenever I install a new toilet or reset an existing one. Yes, brass costs more, but it is a better job that will hold up longer than plastic closet bolts would.

Buyer beware…

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