You’re not going to believe this “plumbing repair”

A customer in Indianapolis called me about a water leak in their kitchen ceiling coming from a 2nd floor bathroom. When I arrived, I could see where the husband had poked his finger through the ceiling without really trying. This indicated to me that the leak had been going on for a while, but finally saturated the drywall to the point that it started leaking into the kitchen.

To make a long story short, I found that the previous homeowner had used a plastic butter dish to stop a water leak from the shower valve. After removing a shelf in the closet and opening up the wall, I found that the copper pipe to the showerhead had been connected to the shower valve with a short section of plastic hose, hose clamps and a black steel nipple that is only supposed to be used for running gas lines. My repair included installing a ½ inch male brass compression adapter and a short section of copper pipe.

From what the customers told me, the previous homeowner was basically an idiot when it came to home repairs. I would have to agree.

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