Tammy Wiley

Sales Manager, Heartland Payment Systems

I can't think of a better person to provide plumbing services than David Heffner. He has installed a tankless water heater in our home, as well as a new sump pump and back up sump pump system. He is the most professional plumber you will ever meet. The area in which he works will be left cleaner and neater than when he arrived. He will take the time to answer any question that you have and answer in layman terms. David is honest, transparent, and I trust him 100%. Without reservation, I recommend Heffner Plumbing!

Tim Maniscalo

President & CEO, Central Indiana BBB

David came to our home to repair a leaking outdoor water line that had caused a mold situation. It was repaired correctly, with high quality parts. Since then David has rebuilt our toilet mechanisms. We will use him for all of our plumbing needs. High quality work, high quality parts, high quality business, high quality person.

Norman Chance

CEO and Global Sales Manager, ​Sky Airparts International

I have known David Heffner for many years. David is the most knowledgable plumbing professional that I have ever come across. David does a wonderful job of explaining the problem at hand, and offers concise solutions for you to consider. In addition to being a great businessman, David has given back much of his time to the local community through supporting programs such as the Young Marines. Our communities need more people like Mr. Heffner.

Alfred Moore

Home Owner, Retired Military

Pro Series 2200 Battery Back-up System:

After making some renovations to our finished basement, I was increasingly concerned with the fact that there was no back-up system for the sump pump. If the pump failed or we lost power, there was a very strong possibility that we would flood.

After assessing the situation with our sump pump, David recommended that we not only install the Pro Series 2200 battery back-up system, but to replace the existing sump pump because of it's age. After working in tight quarters in our mechanical closet for several hours, David was able to install a new sump pump and the battery back-up system with a new shelf for the system's control panel. I was very pleased with the quality of the workmanship and David's ability to complete this project in a timely manner.

A true test of the new battery back-up system came several days later when our neighborhood lost power. My son called to tell me that the power was out and that he could hear some kind of an alarm. In the past, I would have rushed home from my office at the Pentagon to try and save the basement from flooding. This was not necessary this time however with the new sump pump back-up system in place. In the months since, we have had several heavy rains when the system provided immense peace of mind. Even though we didn't lose power each time, we weren't worried if we had because of the back-up system that was installed. And that's a good feeling.

It's hard to put a price on peace of mind, but it's safe to say that my investment has already more than paid for itself.

I'm very pleased with what Heffner Plumbing has done for us and would recommend this battery back-up system to anyone that has a basement.

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